Still the most well known and mostly done aesthetic treatment world wide.

We all know about botulinum injections and that it works amazingly to relax unwelcome wrinkles. Its time that we get over the idea that botulinum toxin is ‘snake poison’ and with the amounts we use its impossible to be harmful in any way, when its done correctly and by a professional medical doctor. Due to more advanced, non-surgical treatments available, I tend to do botulinum toxin less, and combine it with these treatments to get a soft natural look. However certain areas will always need a small amount of botulinum toxin to get a proper, all round effect. Areas include:

  • vertical frown lines between the eyes, it opens up the eyes with a less tired or “angry look”
  • a subtle brow lift (age dependant)
  • softening of smile lines around the eyes
  • subtle lifting mouth corners
  • smoothing out chins
  • softening jaw lines and neck platysmal bans
  • softening horizontal forehead lines (age dependant)

(Age dependant: due to decrease in fibroblast activity and loss of collagen structure in the skin layers and muscles, botulinum toxin may have a ‘negative’ effect).

Personally, although botulinum toxin might not fall under a ‘natural treatment’ as such, in combination with other treatment, it will give stunning, natural, soft changes and results.

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