My speciality and one of my favourite treatments. Give absolutely stunning results if done in moderation and placed correctly. together with other treatment, possible to obtain perfect results. Dermal fillers are 99% pure HA – hyaluronic acid – a natural building block of collagen in the skin. It’s a soft gel substance that is injected with a very fine needle in different aspects of the skin. Although is generally know that a filler as the ability to ‘lift’, it actually ‘pushes’ a certain area. Its great to use in facial areas with volume loss, lifting a brow, enhancing cheeks, chins, softening sunken, dark eyes, softening forehead and nasolabial lines and improving skin texture in the neck and decollatage. And my favourite, enhancing lips in combination with other treatments without giving the ‘pout’ look.

Do you need medical advice?

Dr Jan Nel provides basic Medical Health Care, including general consultations and examinations, blood work and prescriptions. He offers consultations and assistance in PrEP and related issues. No Paediatric or Gynaecological serviced offered by Dr Nel.