A healthy liver equals a proper immune function and healthy skin. We are constantly exposed to damaging air particles, unhealthy foods, UV radiation, that causes free radicles inside your body cell and which is completely damaging and carcinogenic. Your liver is the body’s main ‘filter’ and is very easily affected by unhealthy lifestyle choices, medication, pollution and a string of other factors. By receiving individualised intra venous anti oxidants and vitamins, specifically targeting the liver at least 2-4 weekly, you can be sure that healing starts from within. Its done in the practice, in a sterile environment, with all needed equipment at hand. Glutathion, a potent liver detox anti oxidant, which is proved to assist in skin lightening and skin smoothness, is added in all IV mixtures. It also assists in the following:

  • sleep problems/insomnia
  • cold and flu
  • hangover
  • chronic fatigue

Please take note: IV infusions is not a cure to any condition and is not advocated as such.

Do you need medical advice?

Dr Jan Nel provides basic Medical Health Care, including general consultations and examinations, blood work and prescriptions. He offers consultations and assistance in PrEP and related issues. No Paediatric or Gynaecological serviced offered by Dr Nel.