The new revolutionary treatment modality that took the aesthetic world by storm. It literally refers to the non-surgical, non-invasive techniques we use to get similar results than surgical ways but without the pain, blood and downtime.

What is Plexr?

Plexr is a revolutionary new device that creates a micro beam if plasma –which is like a tiny lightening bolt – that when applied to the skin – causes the outermost layer of skin – called the epidermis – to be vaporized, literally into a puff of smoke – without causing any damage to the deeper structures of the skin, AND, at the same time, also causing fibrous tissue underneath the treated area to tighten.

So It is a safe and effective and minimally invasive method to get rid of any unwanted folds of skin –
For example – the upper and lower eyelid folds, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, skin growths, stretch marks, scars and even tattoos can now be safely treated with Plexr.

This all happens instantly, without any excess pain, no blood, no cutting, and no need for sutures – and all in a very short space of time – depending on the area that is treated – Allowing you to fit in a treatment into your busy day and resume your normal activities thereafter.

What is plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter -after solids, liquids and gas. And it is basically gas particles that are heated up to very high temperatures so its molecules become ionized – and therefore have the ability to conduct energy. In Nature we see plasma in the form of lightning. So you can imagine tiny lightning bolts that are applied to skin – that causes only the outermost layer of the skin to be lifted off without damaging the deeper parts of the skin or cause any bleeding or scarring.

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