Thread Lift

The Tightening threads treatment involves the use of PDO, polydioxanone, absorbable sutures that are inserted into the hypodermis of the skin, providing a lifting and smoothing effect.
This treatment can be used on the face and neck, but also in various areas of the body where the main objective is creating a ‘lift’, rather than restoring volume.

There are various thread lengths that are used to tighten loose and sagging skin areas. The absorbable suture dissolves in a natural manner over a course of 6-8 months, whilst synthesizing new collagen production in the treated area. This results in a firmer, smoother and brighter looking skin, with fewer wrinkles and an improvement in the skin’s overall texture and youthfulness.

The PDO threading treatment is well tolerated by patients, and there is no need for anesthesia, although a topical anesthetic can be applied beforehand if the client would so wish. The treatment is now the latest anti-ageing skin treatment is available in South Africa.

The PDO threading procedure involves the use of various lengths of thin acupuncture sterile needles to embed the dissolving threads deep underneath the surface of the skin without causing any visible scarring. These threads are placed strategically into the dermis, where it acts as a frame or scaffold for lifting and tightening loose and sagging skin. The material from which these threads are made, Polydioxanone, is a safe substance that keeps the skin in its new tightened state, and is not known to cause any adverse reactions.

The lasting result will provide the skin with a fresh, well rested and firmer look whilst supporting new collagen formation for long lasting results.

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