We understand that it is a growing need for patients to attain beauty on the inside as well as on the outside. Our mission is to not only make you look beautiful, but feel beautiful through both medical and cosmetic procedures and treatments. We provide the latest in skin care technologies and also the safest treatments for face, body and mind. We invite you to experience long lasting results and relationships with our team. Walk away a new confident YOU!

Botulinum Toxin

We all know about botulinum toxin and that it works amazing to relax unwelcome wrinkles.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are 99% pure HA – hyaluronic acid – a natural building block of collagen in the skin.

IV infusions

By receiving individualised intra venous anti oxidants and vitamins, specifically targeting the liver at least 2-4 weekly, you can be sure that healing starts from within.

PRP Rejuvenation

PRP (platelet rich plasma ) has been used in the medical field to assist in healing all different kinds of injuries including sports injuries for some time now.


Safe and effective approach for rejuvenation and revitalising tired and ageing skin.


Using microneedling / mesotherapy and specific polyrevitalisation cocktails to stimulate hair follicles.

Medical Peels

By adding medical peels to your aesthetic regime, you are addressing the most outer part of the skin, the so called epidermis.

Lypolitic injections

It is a new fat lipolysis (breaking down of fat) treatment for areas where there are resistant pockets of fat that do not respond to dieting or other weight loss methods.

Soft Surgery

It refers to the non-surgical, non-invasive techniques we use to get similar results than surgical ways but without the pain, blood and downtime.

Thread Lift

Tighten loosening or sagging skin for a fresher more youthful look. There are no cuts or incisions, just injections

Do you need medical advice?

Dr Jan Nel provides basic Medical Health Care, including general consultations and examinations, blood work and prescriptions. He offers consultations and assistance in PrEP and related issues. No Paediatric or Gynaecological serviced offered by Dr Nel.